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  • Metal backing adhesive bushing (MYB-202)
Metal backing adhesive bushing (MYB-202)

Product materialbyPTFEAnd non-conductive additives are mixed and tightly bonded with the steel back

Product featuresIt has low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and self-lubricating performance, thick coating, noise elimination and no gap

Application scenarioWidely used in hinges, seat rotating parts, slide rails, transmission chains, office machinery, food and medical equipment and other occasions

Material organization

Material structure of metal backing bonding bushing

MYB200Standard size

H 0.50-0.04 0.75+0.01-0.04
L±0.2 5 6 7 8

MYB200Standard size

materials performance

project unit Material model
    MYB201 MYB202
Maximum bearing capacityP dynamic load MPa 100 100
  quiescent load MPa 180 180
Maximum linear velocityV(grease lubrication) m/s 2 2
highestPVvalue N/mm2·m/s 1.8 1.8
friction factor - ≤0.25 ≤0.25
compression deformation 23℃/100MPa/1h mm ≤0.03 ≤0.03
volume resistivity Ώcm ≤106 >1012
Working temperature long term -150 ~ +180 -150 ~ +180
  short-term   ≤260 ≤260
Thermal conductivity W(m·k) 18 18
thermal expansivity K-1 25X10-6 25X10-6
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